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Fantastic so renaissance dental I’m super happy for you and I notice you also have a second success story and this is a really interesting take on the difference between thinking entrepreneurial.

renaissance dental

Thinking like the hustle versus just trying to pinch pennies so here is your second success story here we go I wanted to call in today and share a story

A little friendly challenge that I had with a girl in my local group she’s an advocate of coupon clipping and I’ve tried that and I’m really put off by that experience .

I remember looking for the right paper is trying to cut the right coupons getting to the store on time before they expired and showing up to the

Wrong store with the wrong coupon for the wrong item that was already expired I was just really put off by the experience to not save a lot of money and to feel like .

I spent a lot of time on it so I took her up in a challenge she said that she can save more money coupon clipping than I could in the same amount of time doing something entrepreneurial her challenge .

She went out dinner coupon clipping says she saved money on a dollar grocery bill and only ended up spending she admits that she spent six hours trying to do.

That and went to three different stores so I took that same and I went to my local Costco store I bought five cases of water and five bags of ice and two of

Those black kegerator tote things with the rope handles and I set them up in my local park I have a park complex it has several football fields really close together and.

I placed myself right in between them all it was a hot day and the sunny steamy southeast and the football fields were filled with kids and parents I started