Develop in the Fallopian tubes cannot fully DENTAL INSURANCE develop there can have placental problems miscarriage break clamps yeah abnormal presentation can be problems during delivery can

  • Use assertive delivery so that is reproduction and birth we have one last section to visit next time growth .
  • well hello everyone I see everybody coming into our first of front office rocks and Andre Sheridan Eagles soft webinar we’re super excited you’re here and not only is this our
  • first webinar but it’s also the launch of back-office rock so first of all Andre nice to see you happy new year I’m glad.

we’re here together happy new year that’s the you know that’s not supposed to be anything you do in April but happy well you and

I got super busy and for those who are listening or your first time here if you haven’t heard this before Andre and I have been making videos over the last year

we took a break because we were traveling in holidays and stuff and it took us till April to get another one going so I’m glad you’re here so what’s new with you tell us a little bit about you and what’s going on in the in your world well just the Egosoft field guide group has

just been expanding just blowing up and we’re all getting crazy busy too big schedule the next Eagle soft field guide live national event which we had one last year in

May this year we’re going to do it in September in Chicago and we are expecting people to come to Chicago for big event its September th so that’s the big thing in the group good can

I come you sure can listening if you’re watching this live or later if you watch the recorded version how can they learn more about that and how where can they find you so the information is definitely on the website I’m sorry definitely in .