who can use humana dental without any cost

humana dental I mean that’s the whole point of the advantage of it against traditional surgery if humana dental you know in traditional surgery you got to add the bone to it to be able to do that and once you get.

the bone support the pocket reduces so I can’t get when you say the pocket that means because

the gums are moving away from the tooth right the pocket the teeth or the tissues moving away and so once you get the environment healthy the teeth tighten up and you’re snagging it up against

the tooth and so now you have a better environment and it’s a win for everybody cuts them so back at the bad breath for a second so if the bad breath let’s say they have a little bit of gum disease right causing bad breath

their teeth look pretty good but they have bad breath they can’t get rid of right with the laser how soon does a bad breath get away and is that common it’s very common that I think about two weeks ago and there’s lady as

she was adding them in about bad breath the lady comes in and we use the laser on her we go around the teeth and we’re killing the bacteria see we seal it off and

she comes in for a follow-up appointment and you know a lot of times we do this every day so a lot of times I don’t even think about what the results

they got or what they’re gonna realize so she comes in and I’m like hey how you doing and everything feel okay got a little sensitivity or anything like

that it’s like that was like the first thing she said not that breath is gone I don’t have that taste thank you so much and it’s like it’s a basically instant result and it makes sense because it’s eradicating the bacteria this is all over

the place I mean I mean there are tens of thousands of people would you say in Wichita all for sure you can help with this laser right but they don’t even know

what’s out there right exactly really yeah yeah let’s say mile radius or do you say hundreds and hundreds of this old technology old technique oh yeah

where the gum is keeping paradigm it’s busy I’m the only paradigm as within mile radius that has this laser so yes okay as of today’s taping today’s taping yes so people