you get dental help by purchasing insurance plan

dental help Get it on the ballot we had very successful one of the highest voting passages of a valid initiative in our state in order to expand Medicaid even after that was in even after.

That Governor Le Page continued last year to refuse to implement the law so our organization was really the lead and helping people figure out what

were the next steps we sued the administration we worked to help people figure out how to go ahead and apply any ways that when it finally was implemented it would have retroactive coverage going back to July nd of

last year and then we also tied it to the election we are nonpartisan but we did make sure people understood that who you vote for has an effect on your ability to access health care and as a result next slide we successfully elected someone governor Janet Mills who ran on a health care platform

and the first picture here shows her signing her first executive order which was to implement Medicaid expansion and this ties to our dental work in a second and then her very first cabinet appointment was Commissioner Jean

Landrieu for our Department of Health and Human Services and some of you may know that gene was very active in the ACA effort in the Obama administration and has a lot of health care background and so we were

really excited to see someone with that focus leading our our state’s largest Department in the department that we interact with the most so it was

wonderful Medicaid expansion has been a huge boon to our seat we already have more than , people who have been enrolled since January first

many of them are people who applied over , of them applied when Governor LePage was still refusing to implement the law but that the whole expansion conversation really shifted the way people thought about